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CONSTRUTEC Villahermosa S.A. DE C.V. It’s a Mexican company with reach in several city’s of the republic, where we dedicate our services of engineering, building, maintenance of the industrial sector, contributing to the economic and social growth of the country. In CONSTRUTEC Villahermosa we have a professional team highly qualified and with an extensive experience in the areas where we perform, and, supported by an environmental protection scheme, safety, occupational health, besides optimizing costs, time and offering a high quality, we succeed satisfying our customers requirements.


Position ourselves as a leading company in the construction field, satisfying the needs of our customers, caring for development, the integrity of our personal and keeping always the same commitment with the development of the country and the community, besides the respect for the environment and society.


Satisfy the need of our customers, complying with integral services in planning, design, construction and commissioning of projects focused on the oil industry, starting with the highest quality standards, generating with it, long terms partnerships, based on our experience, professionalism, complying with environmental laws, rules and regulations.


· Teamwork, we collaborate, join efforts and multiply achievements.

· Committed with the development of our customers.

· Clarity in our management.

· Professionalism, commitment and tenacity.

· Excellence and development of human resources.

· Safety care and working conditions.

· Committed with the environment and society.

· Profitability, we get results to keep growing and starting business.